1996 was one of the most prolific years for C&C and CTI which has also meant an extremely busy time. The workload had been relentless but fulfilling. As we have said before, when writing to us please include an SAE or IRC, you are far more likely to get a reply. Also it is extremely important that when you move address you notify us, as we are not mind readers ! The cost of mailing to the USA in particular is high and returned envelopes marked ' Not Known at This Address' really piss us off, especially when people then write and say haven't heard from you for a while, by the way, I've moved!Keep the channels of communication open. Some of you may have received postcards announcing various C&C/CTI releases, if you would like more copies of these please see mail order list for details.

Major C&C event of the year is the release of the new Chris &Cosey CD 'Skimble Skamble'. This is the first C&C album since 'MUZIK FANTASTIQUE!' (circa 1992) . Originally 'Skimble Skamble' was due for release in the summer of '96 but just as work began, some of the older pieces of studio equipment began to die on us! The necessary repairs and replacements halted the recording of the album for about two months, hence the later release date of October '96. For those who haven't heard it yet, it's very 'upbeat' , with classic Chris & Cosey production, throbbing, driving rhythms and Cosey's distinctive vocals. The title is a descriptive term for anything non-schematic , chaotic, or disjointed . This pretty much describes the mood in the studio as the equipment went wrong and our feelings of despair crossed over to elation when we could get recording again . The title is also reflected in the odd combinations of musical styles in particular tracks such as 'Intoxicating' and 'Skimble Skamble' .

As promised in the last newsheet the first of the C&C live videos is now released and available through World Serpent Distribution or through our mail order service . It has a full colour cover and inside sleeve notes, a stereo soundtrack and runs for 50 minutes. It is available on VHS PAL and VHS NTSC . Having viewed the mammoth archive of C&C live video material we decided that this particular tape from the 1988 European tour shone out in terms of visuals and sound quality, and represented a typical C&C gig of that era . The alternative would have produced a video tape of various gigs with poorer quality sound and visuals. If this tape is successful, Vol. 2 will contain gig material from the USA tours of the 1990's , with additional footage from behind the scenes and on the road , warts and all !

Continuing in the video vein, we intend to go through our video archive and re-master C&C/CTI video works which haven't seen the light of day for years, or have never been seen at all by many . These include 'Elemental 7', 'European Rendezvous', 'Sonar Festival 1 & 2' and more.

'Popoccultural' is an art exhibition currently running at the South London Gallery, 65 Peckham Road, LONDON SE5 8UH. Tl; 0171 703-6120. This is a group show of the work of 14 artists including a number of video pieces by Chris & Cosey. The participating artists all embrace and reflect the concept of the show which is to display the effects of 'the distorted contents of the collective unconscious' . This is rather akin to the unwitting, or witting , influence of the mass of 'iconographic garbage' we are subjected to, which manifests itself in our work. In other words, artists' work reflects subconsciously or consciously, the effect of events and cultural influences . Chris & Cosey's video installation consists of two hours of a collage of video images used originally as back projections for C&C performances. In addition there is another two hour tape which includes an art performance by Cosey at the Diorama in 1983 followed by the visuals originally produced for the SONAR festival in Spain 1994 and 1995 . All video imgaes are accompanied by C&C/CTI soundtracks . The exhibition runs from October 29th to the 27th November .

The re-release on Conspiracy International of the four C&C/CTI Collectivs is now a reality . All are available through World Serpent or our own mail order service . See mail order list for details.

'DEEP NET' the much delayed double CD compilation on Side Effects is out now. Features the exclusive C&C track 'Genou Aux Gouts Speciaux'. Available from all good record stores.*

This is a CD put together by World Serpent Distribution as a showcase of all the various 'artists' which they distribute. These include, C&C , CTI , COIL , Current 93 , Death in June , etc. The CD contains the C&C track ' Half a Minute More' (from 'Skimble Skamble', different version) , and the CTI track 'In Vision ' (as featured on 'In Continuum') .
Due for release early 1997.

A compilation CD of different versions of the classic WIRE track 'DRILL'. It will include a version by C&C and be released on WMO in 1997.* For further information contact;
WMO, U.K. ; PO Box 54, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG4 7TQ .
WMO, U.S.A. ; PO Box 322 Alta Loma, CA 9170-0322 .

This is a CD ROM/AUDIO CD compilation features classic C&C track 'October Love Song' plus short video clips.
Released by Nettwerk Records, Canada . Available now from all good record stores.

A 1996 Double CD compilation features exclusive C&C track 'Intro-Spektiv'. Other contributions from COIL , Scanner , DJ Spooky etc. Released by X-Force, Germany. Available from all good record stores.

A 1996 CD compilation features exclusive C&C track 'HER KNEE (of special taste)' . Released on Auf Abwegen (Germany). Available from all good record stores.*

A double CD, remix compilation of Joe Banks sound works. Features a remix of 'Stargate' by Chris and Cosey. Also features Bruce Gilbert , Atom Heart , John Duncan , Mark Behrens etc. Due for release in February 1997 on Touch Records , Cat. No.Ash 3.4.

Dance North, the Australian dance company recently choreographed a dance piece entitled 'SEANCHAI' around the CTI track 'SUBONDARE'. This was part of their 1996 'Memories for Tomorrow' tour of Australia.

'Blood Sisters (Leather Dykes and Sadomasochism)' by Michelle Handelman is currently being shown at various film festivals around the world. The film features the C&C track ' Melancholia' from 'Muzik Fantastique!'.

The CTI 'THE LIBRARY OF SOUND' EDITION FOUR 'POINT SEVEN' release is the fourth edition of the ongoing CTI project on Conspiracy International label Cat. CTI 97004 . Due for release mid 1997 and distributed by World Serpent.

This is a CD of Chris' live work, featuring tracks from his 1995 Disobey tour. It is due for release mid 1997 on the Conspiracy International label, available through World Serpent Distribution.

A CD compilation of live (read different) C&C tracks assembled from numerous gig recordings made (but previously unheard) since the early 80's. Scheduled for release late 1997.


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