We are pleased to announce that our recently launched Photo Reprint service has been a great success. Our apologies for those of you whose orders were delayed during the Xmas/New Year period. We have now cleared our backlog of outstanding orders and the current turnaround is approximately 7-14 days.
So far approximately 95% of reprint orders received have been for the larger 10"x8" prints. Because of this we have decided to stop offering the 6"x4" reprints.

Coum Transmissions are exhibiting in major new show in london 'LIVE IN YOUR HEAD' CONCEPT and EXPERIMENT in BRITAIN 1965-1975. Live In Your Head opens at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London on the 4th February 2000. The show revolves around conceptual art performance and features many influential artists of that decade. Coum Transmissions will be exhibiting various items.

Colour and B/W 10" x 8" reprints are currently £6 each but please note that this price will inevitably have to increase due to rising stock costs. Our supplier is holding prices at present but has told us we should expect to see a price increase by spring/summer. We will try to hold the price down to £6 per print as long as possible.
For further details on ordering Photo Reprints please go to the CTI MAIL ORDER page.

As we have said before the C&C web site is a work in progress. The body of material we have in our archives is substantial and goes back some 25 years or so and with this in mind please understand that we will add new items and pages covering all aspects of our work as and when we get any spare time. Please bear with us if updates seem to be happening a little slowly. We know from quite a few strongly worded e-mails that many visitors to our site have been disappointed to discover the downloads pages are disabled. As we are now with a new ISP we have (in theory at least) virtually unlimited web space available to us and we hope to post many more files, video clips and audio clips during the coming months.

Forthcoming C&C web site updates this year will include:
Additional photos, texts and memorabilia covering Throbbing Gristle and COUM Transmissions.
More magazine spreads featuring Cosey, including some rare non-exhibited images and a 'never before seen' set of unpublished images from a 1970's magazine shoot.
A selection of QuickTime clips of Cosey, C&C and TG videos (including the infamous After Cease To Exist).
A selection of C&C audio samples (but not TG samples, yet).
Various MP3 files of C&C music (see below).

While we appreciate the growing popularity of MP3 music files on the net we are concerned that posting complete C&C or TG albums will adversely affect our sales (our income is primarily from our music). After all, someone who has just downloaded an album for free is very unlikely to then purchase the same thing for hard cash.
We have given this subject a lot of thought and feel a reasonable solution would be posting C&C MP3 files of rare, hard to find and deleted tracks, DJ only remixes and occasional rough mixes of works in progress.
We anticipate posting the first few C&C MP3 files sometime in May.
It is unlikely that we will be making MP3 files of Throbbing Gristle available on our site as there are so many currently posted (illegally) on other sites. Also the situation with TG is quite different. Because there is very little unreleased material still available any new MP3 postings will probably be released by some unscrupulous individual as a legitimate (yet bogus) TG CD album. The usual story in fact.

At present all our photo galleries are free and accessible to anyone. Inevitably because of the adult content of some of Cosey's pages and the unusual content of some of the COUM pages (and really it was only a question of time) we have been asked by our new ISP to restrict access to over 18's ONLY and to register our site with NetNanny, or an equivalent 'filtering' organisation. Therefore during the coming months, and before we post any additional photo spreads of Cosey, we will be implementing a password protected gallery access system. We will try and make this process as straightforward as possible and all passwords will be free of charge. More details on this subject in the next C&C Newsletter.

Plain text please
If you are sending us e-mails we would really appreciate if senders would set their e-mail composing programs (which appears to be Outlook Express in many cases) to send only PLAIN TEXT, rather than HTML. When HTML e-mails are sent/received every message is twice as long as its plain text equivalent and when viewed on a non-HTML savvy programs, such as we use, the message is full of gobbledegook characters.
To configure Outlook Express to send messages as plain text, go to the Tools menu, select Options, click the Send tab. Choose the Plain Text button for Mail sending format.

Cosey's continued recuperation since her operation is progressing smoothly. She still has to avoid stressful situations and over exertion, which rules out performances or gigs. However, she does occasionally make personal appearances and give lectures. Unfortunately we are unable to give details of these as the majority are at universities, colleges or exhibition openings and are not usually open to the public.
We would like to thank you all for your continuing thoughts and support throughout.
Further summaries of Cosey's operation/recuperation are available in the previous Newsletters.

The new collaboration album by Ian Boddy and Chris Carter has been completed, the title is 'CAGED'.
MP3 files of edited highlights from the album are available to play on our MP3 pages
The album is being released on the 3rd April as a limited edition CD of 1000 and will be available from all the usual sources and from CTI MAIL ORDER. We will be taking pre-orders for it shortly and those ordering through CTI will receive their copies approximately 1 week ahead of the official release date.

Since last year Chris has been working on a new set of 'themed' CD's.
The series will be released under the continuing heading of 'ELECTRONIC AMBIENT REMIXES' (EAR for short). The first three or four CD's feature reworkings of tracks from Chris' previous solo releases, stripped and remixed in different ambient styles. Two albums have been recorded so far, a third is nearing completion and a fourth is at a preliminary stage. If the albums are well received Chris has plans to continue the series with EAR releases of Throbbing Gristle era material. Release dates and further details will follow in the next CTI Newsletter.

If you have visited the CTI MAIL ORDER pages within the last few days you may have noticed a few changes.
The major difference is that we have introduced a much simpler pricing structure, to make ordering less confusing and troublesome. All prices (except mailing charges) have been rounded off to the nearest pound. This has led to most prices rising by a few pence, although we have also reduced the price of a number of items.
In the coming months we will announce some special offers on rare original Throbbing Gristle material. These items will ONLY be available through CTI Mail Order. The long awaited limited edition, signed ICA / PROSTITUTION poster is now available. For further details go to the CTI MAIL ORDER page.

Now we are with a new ISP we will shortly have access to a secure server for processing our on-line credit card transactions. In the meantime we looking into the possibility of implementing a temporary PGP based email encryption option. This would involve us making freely available our 'public key' to anyone who wants to order securely. However, the person ordering would also need the public domain program PGP on their PC. We know it all sounds a bit techie but it is pretty straightforward. However, at this point in time we are still weighing up the pros and cons. More details on this matter in the next C&C Newsletter.

We still continue to get many enquiries and requests to buy Simon Ford's book on COUM and Throbbing Gristle: THE WRECKERS OF CIVILISATION. This is the current situation:
We should make it perfectly clear that apart from spending some considerable time (years in fact) helping Simon Ford with his book we had no involvement with publishing the THE WRECKERS OF CIVILISATION. We get NONE of the profits and NO royalty. Our income from the book is in any profits we make from selling copies through our web site.
On its release this time last year we offered signed and unsigned copies for sale through CTI Mail Order at a discounted price. Other retailers (including the publisher) were also originally selling the book at a discounted price of approximately £15 retail (the cover price was £19.95). Unfortunately we were only able to secure a limited number of copies from the publisher and hence our discounted pre-order offer was highly oversubscribed. We also underestimated the mailing charges but did not pass these extra costs onto customers who had pre-ordered the book.
When we approached the publisher with a view to ordering a substantial number of further copies we were told we could buy them at a 'trade' price of £12.95. This would mean we would make a profit of around £1 to £2 per copy. which we found totally unacceptable as we were the subject-matter and had such a high level of involvement with it. Hence we decided to stop selling it through CTI mail order but do still carry information regarding its availability on the TG and COUM pages.

As reported in the last newsletter the forthcoming CTI Library of Sound Five and the near legendary sequel to the original Core album are possibly going to be combined into one release, and probably as a double CD album. There is a slight fly in the ointment, in that we still cannot pin down all the collaborators to get working on the project and recording has ground to a halt for the time being. However, we are still hoping for a 2000 release on our own CTI label through World Serpent distribution.

It looks set to be an exciting New Era with the many present and emerging projects in the pipeline. Nice to know our friends and fans have been with us all along and continue to support us. Onwards...

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