CTI Records are proud to announce the re-release of the seminal 1987 C&C album EXOTIKA. This album has been deleted for a few years now and yet was one of C&C's most successful records in it's short lived existence. However, this re-release will be something a little more special as we intend to digitally re-master the album specifically for this CD release, repackage it in a gatefold sleeve and include an additional CD containing various EXOTIKA remixes and a re-mastered release of the classic C&C compilation mini-album TAKE FIVE (which has also been unavailable for quite a while). We will post an update on the progress of this important release as soon as we get more news.

Because this release will be a special edition, double CD the price may be slightly higher than our regular releases. Nevertheless demand is still expected to be high. If you anticipate problems getting it from your usual record store (and we know some of you have had trouble getting our CD's recently ) then drop us an e-mail to reserve a copy direct from CTI Mail Order. We will then mail your copy as soon as we get stock.

At this point in time and looking back over 1997/8 it's been a strange time for C&C. Things started on a positive note with plans to rebuild our studio and rationalise our working practices by upgrading our recording equipment. We were half way through this extensive upheaval when we were ripped off by one of our U.S. distributors (and we're talking big bucks here), who are now in the process of being sued by our U.K. distributor. This major lack of cash flow caused endless problems, one of which was the interruption of the recording of the new CTI, Library of Sound album, Point Seven. This also meant the late appearance of the live solo album 'Disobedient' by Chris Carter (see below) and the new live compilation album from C&C, which should have been available by now. These things are sent to try us, as they say and our resolve proved ever steadfast. We're almost back on track and 'Point Seven' and 'Disobedient' are available now. The live C&C album is currently on hold and the new 'Exotika / Take Five' double album is re-mastered as we speak.
Provisional release date: OCT / NOV 98.

NEWS JUST IN...the long awaited COUM/TG book by Simon Ford is almost ready for publication, here are the details:
TITLE: Wreckers of Civilisation: the story of COUM Transmissions and Throbbing Gristle
FORMAT: Soft back, between A5 and A4, ca. 400 pages.
PUBLISHED BY: Black Dog Publishing
ISBN Number: 1901033600
PRICE: Approx. £19.95 (pounds, sterling)
AVAILABLE: October / November 1998

This is a major reference tome that has taken three years to write and not 'a fly by night' biography but a serious attempt to place COUM and TG in the history books of all that's important in art and music. It also contains input by all members of TG, who have been consulted throughout, previously unpublished photo's, original correspondence and an extensive bibliography and discography. It will be available in all good book shops, libraries and hopefully also via CTI Mail Order.

The travelling exhibition 'Out of Actions Between Performance and the Object. 1949-1979' has now moved from The Museum of Contemporary Arts ( in Los Angeles to Vienna, Austria. For those of you who don't know, the exhibition opened in Los Angeles on February 10th. This seminal show celebrates performance art including over 100 dynamic artists from all over the world, including to name but a few, Cosey F. Tutti, John Duncan, Hermann Nitsch, Otto Muhl, Claes Oldenburg, Schwarzkogler, Gilbert & George, Joseph Beuys, Yoko Ono and many many more. Cosey attended the opening events thanks to the generosity of Olga Gerrard, C&C's U.S. tour manager, (what a wonderful lady!). Three of Cosey's original framed magazines from the seventies are on exhibit alongside a copy of the ICA Prostitution exhibition price list. As from the 17th of June the exhibition is at: MAK-VORTRAGSSAAL, WEISKIRCHNERSTASSE 3 WEIN 1. AUSTRIA. tel: (+43-1) 711 36-0 / fax: (+43-1) 713 10 26. At the exhibition there will also be a symposium and video screenings, including an excerpt of the notorious COUM/TG film 'After Cease To Exist', this is in addition to Cosey's own work that is also part of the main exhibition. If you are in the area and get the time pop along and have a look. The exhibition will continue on tour later this year, visiting Paris, Barcelona, Tokyo and Osaka. As and when we know of the opening dates in these countries we will post them on this site.

VAPOURSPACE. C&C remix of Vapourspace's 'Opiate Tea' (C&C title Green Tea Mix) is out now on the triple, coloured vinyl, DJ remix release of the album 'SWEEP'. Released on the KNOB label. Please note our remix does not appear on the CD of the same name. Vapourspace's web site:
ATTRITION. C&C have recently completed a remix for Attrition, the track "I am (eternity)" from their 'Etude' album. This is due for release on a new Attrition album sometime in 1998. For more info on Attrition check out the Projekt web site:
WIRE. The WIRE compilation album of versions of the track 'DUGGA DUGGA' (including our own version) has now been mastered by Mark Gage (of Vapourspace, no less), and will be released in May this year (from what we've just been told).
N.B. new contact address for WIRE is WMO Limited, PO BOX 112, Stockport, Cheshire, SK3 9FD

The now legendary 'Core Two' album (now titled C2) has obviously suffered from the knock on effect of delayed C&C projects but we are already accumulating material from some collaborators. Please believe us when we say it's not a phantom project and will see the light of day, hopefully before the bloody millennium is upon us!

CTI Library of Sound, Edition Four 'POINT SEVEN'
Continuing in the spirit of the Library of Sound series the new album is mainly instrumental with only two tracks featuring Cosey's vocals. It's always very difficult to describe CTI/C&C's music, never more than with this release which merges both faces of their distinctive sound. Check it out via C&C mail order or your local record store. Check out the CTI MAIL ORDER page to see how to order a copy.

This CD is the third solo album by Chris Carter and his first brand new release for more than twelve years. This electronic album was recorded in Manchester, London and Vienna during the 1995 Blast First 'Disobey' tour and features Chris playing live using samplers and synths and without the use of backing tapes. "58 minutes of electroluminescent bliss" ESSENTIAL LISTENING !

The Billboard Guide to Progressive Music' by Bradley Smith features C&C extensively, alongside Throbbing Gristle (of course) and other 'progressive bands'. Don't be put off by the Billboard title, it's put together by a guy who has none of the mainstream industry attitude usually associated with Billboard. Read unbiased, informed, intelligent appraisals and reviews. From Pink Floyd to Popol Vuh to TG and C&C. 'What a refreshing change'.

Our second video release, C&C Live Volume Two is planned for release around autumn 1998. This is currently being delayed by our inability to upgrade our video editing suite, which was shunted to the bottom of our shopping list because of the above problems but should be possible shortly. Once completed the upgrade will enable us to compile the vast number of video clips and tapes of us playing live.

As you see despite the financial setbacks we have not been idle and much has been afoot, what with setting the record straight regarding our past deeds and also with new works and projects. 1998 will see a plethora of C&C related goodies awaiting your sensitive eyes and ears, there is even the possibility of a live event of some kind .
If you would like to receive future newsletters and announcements then send us your e-mail address, particularly if you live outside Europe, as this is a much cheaper, quicker and more reliable system of communication. Once on our e-mail database you will receive any C&C/CTI info as soon as we announce it.

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