CTI and World Serpent are proud to announce the release of THE ESSENTIAL CHRIS & COSEY COLLECTION.
This new budget priced double-CD album features 31 classic Chris & Cosey tracks, a playing time of 140 minutes and a fold out digi-sleeve with sleeve notes and discography. THE ESSENTIAL CHRIS & COSEY COLLECTION was compiled with the help of Chris & Cosey fans world wide and includes deleted and hard to find gems such as the 12” singles Obsession and Synaesthesia plus favourites such as Dancing On Your Grave, Dr. John, Love Cuts and Driving Blind. The Essential C&C Collection includes tracks from all their albums and covers almost 20 years of Chris & Cosey recordings, from Rough Trade and Play It Again Sam to Nettwerk and Wax Trax. This album is the ideal primer for anyone who isn’t already familiar with Chris & Cosey’s extensive body of work or for those who just want to reacquaint themselves with their unique and often ground breaking slant on electronica. To buy on-line go to the CTI Mail Order site, or check out your local record store, or buy direct from World Serpent Distribution.

Firstly we are notifying everyone that our newsletters and web site updates will in future be a lot more irregular due to the amount of time they consume, to the adverse cost of our music and art projects. We're sure you will all understand. We will however post news items regarding any major events such as gigs, art exhibitions, new releases etc.

With immediate effect our mailing list has been suspended and we will no longer accept new subscribers.
For the foreseeable future all C&C, CTI, Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti news items will be posted on these newsletter pages as usual but without an accompanying email or mail-shot. If you are interested in following our work you will need to check this web site for news updates. One reason for this change is that our existing subscriber service has changed ownership (to Microsoft) and its new pricing structure and terms and conditions are geared towards high-end business users. Which we are not. Another reason is that we do not have the time and resources available to restructure what was an occasional but efficient service due to the size of our subscriber list (approx. 2000 members). If the situation changes we will post the information on these news pages.

EAR Three, which consists of ambient / industrial remixes of Chris Carter's original Throbbing Gristle rhythms, is now well under way and due for release in the autumn. Because of Cosey's art exhibitions and other projects and commitments currently under way the new Chris & Cosey album originally due for release this year has unfortunately been delayed until 2002.

Due for release in the autumn is a budget priced double CD of the best of Chris & Cosey and CTI (and as yet untitled). We are requesting that fans email us their choice of favourite or hard to find C&C and CTI tracks they would like to see included in this double diamond CD. One CD will feature songs and the other instrumental tracks. While C&C can't guarantee everyone's favourites will be included they will try and choose as many of the most popular and requested tracks as possible. Please email us your list of favourite tracks.

C&C have been rationalising their studio set up and have recently sold a large amount of their old analogue equipment and studio gear, some dating back to Throbbing Gristle days. Chris & Cosey felt the time was right to let other musicians get the benefit of using some this classic gear that, to be honest, hasn't seen as much use as it deserved in recent years. This has not only freed up a vast amount of working studio space but will also help to fund the purchase of new audio and video equipment needed for forthcoming projects. If you are interested in owning a piece of 'Industrial' or C&C history a few items are still available. Go to Chris Carter's site and follow the gear sale links for a list of what is still on offer:

Yet again Cosey's adult site has had to be closed due to excessive hits for which we have been financially penalised by our ISP, who are actually pretty good about the 'erotic' content. However, Cosey has decided to re-place the photos and magazine spreads in their original Art context and therefore in future they will only be accessible to view in Art exhibitions and installations. That is unless you are one of the lucky ones who bought our Cosey reprints last year or who saw the site before it was removed

The TG DVD mentioned in our January newsletter has been delayed due to the individual commitments of the four Throbbing Gristle members. It is fairly certain that the project will still go ahead but locating and collating all the information and imagery has proved a more difficult task than originally predicted. Patience will be rewarded.

Over the past 6 years Cosey has been working towards a degree, in between her many other activities. On June 2nd at Ely Cathedral she was conferred a First Class BA Honours Degree in Humanities. More details are on Cosey's web site at: A nice bit of synchronicity with Cosey's past was that DJ John Peel was given an honorary degree at the same ceremony.

As usual we would like to thank all our fans and friends for their continued support.

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